4 content marketing myths discredited

4 content marketing myths discredited
For every handful of agencies and savvy marketers who understand content marketing's purpose, there are just as many smart marketers still grasping at straws and unfortunately, buying into myths. These fallacies prevent companies from reaching new …
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4 Tips for Effective Content Marketing
When I ask what the number 1 challenge is in terms of marketing to a pipeline, it's content. Not because they can't get enough content resource from the business to do any marketing at all (most marketing teams, have access to someone who can write …
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Content Marketing: Where Do We Go From Here?
There are two schools of thought on this one. On one hand, there are folks like Mark Schaefer who says the more brands invest in content marketing, the less it will become a key differentiator. In fact, the level playing field has turned to a content …
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