4 Frustrations for In-House SEOs

4 Frustrations for In-House SEOs
Sometimes working as an in-house SEO can feel like a Sisyphean task, if Sisyphus had been told by his boss that once he was done he had to go clean out the Augean stables before leaving for the night. Here are four examples of frustrating scenarios …
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Jimena Cortes, CEO of Wizard Media, an SEO Company in Orange County
“Because Google rolled out several updates to their algorithm which changed the way the SEO game was played, many companies lost their rankings which stopped the organic traffic coming from Google. Many SEO firms do not foresee the changes Google …
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How Much Does Seasonality Impact Your SEO Success?
Every business has its good and its slow seasons. And seasonality can have a big impact on how you perceive your SEO success. If you notice a drop in traffic and sales over a few months it's entirely possible that seasonality is at play and it's not …
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