4 Ways to Meet Google's New Mobile-Friendly Standards

4 Ways to Meet Google's New Mobile-Friendly Standards
Consider this—of the 94 million consumers who visited a real estate site in May, 58 percent came from mobile devices (comScore). Similarly, 68 percent of home buyers actually contacted a real estate professional based on their mobile search (NAR …
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Following Numerous Data Breaches, Dashlane And LastPass Apps Can Now
That means its ability to change around 50 passwords automatically will cover a lot of the sites visited today. Following Dashlane, competitor LastPass also rolled out an automated password change feature. The company supports a few more sites at …
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Bittorrent's 'Project Maelstrom' Aims To Deliver All Websites Through Torrents
However, if the majority of today's popular websites start supporting this browser, most people are unlikely to notice a difference, because a lot of folks tend to visit websites that are already quite popular. Klinker believes that this torrent-based …
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