5 Money Moves to Make While Interest Rates Today Are at All-time Low, New Consumer Report from GoBankingRates.com

EL SEGUNDO, CA (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

Interest rates today are expected to settle at near zero through 2015, according to Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke. To guide consumers toward higher financial gains during these interest rate lows, Go Banking Rates releases a new report on ways Americans can use todays lowered interest rates to their benefit, earning more with little action.

Borrowing money using loans in such uncertain times has made consumers wary, while bleak deposit rates have left savers discouraged. However, Jennifer Calonia of Go Banking Rates, chief reporter on the study, reassures consumers that there are still opportunities to earn more and save more, despite low rates:

Whether youre more interested in squirreling money away or borrowing on credit in the near future, there are beneficial money moves to help you make the most out of your deposit and loan despite low interest rates, says Ms. Calonia.

The report explains how auto loan refinancing is one way of the best ways low interest rates today are benefiting consumers, as the process costs only $ 50 – $ 75 to initiate, yet saves thousands of dollars over the course of an auto loan term.

The Go Banking Rates study offers four other money moves consumers can use to address low interest rates today, including two completely free strategic options.

Click here to read the full study.

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