5 Tips for Link Building for Local Search Marketing

Kennebunk, Maine (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

Link building has long been an important practice for local search marketing, although it is often approached with an incorrect mindset. My Local Leads works with companies across the nation to improve their businesss reach, lower online advertising cost, and maximize internet marketing return on investment. The reality of the situation is that search engines such as Google use a variety of complex computations, often referred to as the search engines algorithm, to determine site ranking within search results. No one knows for sure what all of the different pieces to the puzzle are, but testing, observation, and experience has shown that everything from good, quality content to incoming links from other sites and social media can help boost a sites chances of appearing at or near the top of the search engine results page, or SERPs. These techniques will help local business owners better understand the concepts behind link building today and how to make the right choices when it comes to using link building for online lead generation.

One of the important things to remember is that Google and other search engines have evolved over the years. Their algorithms have grown more complex. In essence, the systems have gotten smarter. Links are given different rankings based on originating site authority, popularity, and the type of link of site. Social media marketing, for example, has taught businesses that links from Google Plus, Facebook, and Pinterest are typically worth more than links garnered from various forums. At the same time, the search engines examine the context of the links, the surrounding content that links to the site.

With that in mind, link building is no longer a process of going and getting a bunch of links. There are still lots of places companies can buy links where individuals and other companies will link to their site from all over the web. This, however, is considered web spam. It will often hurt search engine rankings more than it will help.

Instead, local business owners need to focus on earning their links. Provide quality services at a reasonable price. Have a website that is ease to use and useful to know. This is done through a combination of clever website design and development as well as adding quality, fresh, informative or entertaining content. Have a site that people want to link to naturally.

Stagnant link building does not help either. Companies need to be constantly adding to and improving upon their website in order to garner new links. The age of the links can effect search engine scores. For example, if sites used to link to a site two or three years ago, but no one has linked to it recently, it could be considered a dead site and thus drop down in rankings.

Links are just a small part of the overall online marketing repertoire. They are a small part at that. Producing quality content and generating genuine interest in the local business and its offerings is going to end off paying out better. Buy links is a big no-no and definitely not something a business wants to get caught doing by the search engines. However, using that same money to develop something that people care about whether it be a special promotion, contest, or helpful article can bring in the links naturally, which is what helps raise the ranking of a website.

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