5 Tips to Make Social Media Marketing Less Overwhelming

http://happymarketingclub.com These are my top 5 tips for making social media marketing way less overwhelming. Would love to know what’s helped you in the co…

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10 Responses to 5 Tips to Make Social Media Marketing Less Overwhelming

  1. jennifer megafu says:

    Great tips on how to use social media marketing more effectively. 

  2. Ash Almond says:

    Great tips indeed. I sometimes find it so overwhelming to regularly update the status and promote my Youtube videos. BIG THANK YOU.

  3. Lauren Michelle Kinsey says:

    Good tips for small business owners on how to make social media marketing less overwhelming. #SocialMedia

  4. Thomas Ortiz says:

    I want to share your videos on my website but the only way I see is to post from YouTube. Do you have links so the traffic moves directly to your blog or should we just link from you tube?

  5. Amy Camilleri says:

    Great info thank you! Do you think it is a problem if we post the same pic on facebook & instagram?@happy marketing club

  6. Nicole Simmonds says:

    Please do more Twitter videos. :)

  7. Megan Tasker says:

    Thank you! This is so helpful! Your videos really are my marketing saviour!

  8. Eric Briggs says:

    Marija, thank you for providing good, actionable content! Please accept my free 4 step process that fits with your strategies at bit.ly/17daJOf!

  9. Elizabeth Carman says:

    You know how to see the big picture and to effectively communicate that to others. Thanks so much!

  10. Debby Carter says:

    Great tips – thanks! I love watching your videos!

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