5 Tools to Get Your Customer Acquisition On Point

5 Tools to Get Your Customer Acquisition On Point
Customer acquisition can be defined as simply the act of getting customers to buy from your business. It can save you a lot of money because 70% of companies say it's cheaper to retain than to attract. But there are many areas of customer acquisition.
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Google Is One Big Fat Pirate-Linking Search Engine
Getty Images claims that Google 'siphons traffic' away from the company's premium website. In the complaint, Getty claims that … From this, the RIAA concluded that Google isn't giving pirate sites lower rankings as promised. The RIAA even went to the …
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Dawn Bennett was named as example of how the Barron's Top 100 list can lead
AdvisorHub stirred the pot in the advisory business by writing a report that attacks Barron's popular top advisor rankings that includes heavy use of data. …. The AdvisorHub piece says the 12-year-old Top 100 list is one of four that Barron's runs …
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