5 True Facts about Android!

Little known facts about Android that make it incredibly awesome. 5: Android’s Origins (0:21) 4: Android’s Bailout (1:04) 3: Android User Demographics (2:06)…

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17 Responses to 5 True Facts about Android!

  1. marion817 says:

    LOVE the jab at Apple Maps. Hahaha

  2. marion817 says:

    “true facts” — sounds redundant lol

  3. kdpiiskunti says:

    Andy the Android xD

  4. Patrick Pfavayi says:

    Basic difference between android and iOS: iOS comes with 100 uses and you can alter as you like 40 of them Android comes with 200 uses and you can alter 180 of them YOu pay a lot to run and maintain the iPhone You pay practically NOTHING to run and maintain an Android

  5. azabyaza121 says:

    That Atari game looked really trippy

  6. adedagreat says:

    how do u actually learn all this stuff? kudos to you sir

  7. milkykungnaja says:

    Wow :) Well-made video mate :) Please keep it up.

  8. Mohd. Asnin Pendatun says:

    “True Facts”. How redundant

  9. aresha888 says:

    wow..awesome video 9000+ likes,no unlike :D

  10. Faizal Baito says:

    This deserves a lot of shares :)

  11. Eric Mewhort says:

    What? Android? Android has never been based off of Ubuntu, it is a Java stack sitting on top of the Linux kernel.

  12. BrookSoulKing1 says:

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  13. WAFFELTIME says:

    Some problems with apple maps XDXDXDXD

  14. KBluetrump7 says:

    Why not sue Google?!?! The worst that happens is they give you a million dollars to shut up and leave them alone.

  15. Eric Park says:

    Where did u get that shirt?????????????

  16. TheMrDicat says:

    I don’t need to defend my point,this is not a competion to me,i gave my opinion,you didn’t agree,there’s nothing i can do about it…

  17. Fahad Joudeh says:

    so instead of trying to defend your point with what very little intellect you have, you go out and just call me the same little offensive name in a very stupid, unsuccesful way to offend me, when all you really do is insult your own intelligence. Stop being a 12 year old girl.

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