5 useful email expressions

http://www.engvid.com/ Having trouble writing an email? In this video, I will teach you five useful email expressions that will help you to write better emai…
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23 Responses to 5 useful email expressions

  1. mayya miriam says:

    Emma I appreciate your way of explanation , u r awsome :)

  2. Robson Zeferino ONÇA says:

    Thank you Emma! You’re beautifull and the video are super instructive! ;D

  3. Jia Wei says:

    I look forward to hearing your reply

  4. Jia Wei says:

    I’ve forwarded john’s email to you

  5. Jia Wei says:

    please find attached

  6. Rudney Dantas says:

    Thank you. Your videos are really interesting and useful….

  7. Li bo says:

    i look forward to your coming to china

  8. Eder Nel Quezada Ramos says:

    I love you so much. Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Eder.

  9. Tiago Machado Paiva says:

    Simple. Don’t watch them!

  10. WhiteRaiden89 says:

    Emma, a bit of advice (or criticism) for you. videos are too long. life’s too short

  11. Fulla rose says:

    Thank you very useful

  12. shdhedd says:

    i like u,im from iraq

  13. Negi Gulab Singh says:

    Hi Emma: My Question : Is it correct to use in the end of email : Thanks and Regards, OR Thanks and Best Regards,

  14. babujsr1 says:

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  15. Anil Yousef says:

    i liked this video, thanks for explaining us. i look forward to your more videos.

  16. JOZSEF DUKAY says:

    thanks,good lesson!

  17. Aducal says:

    You’re an excellent teacher!

  18. Ondrus21 says:

    Just one question, please. Why “to write an e-mail”? Why not “to type an e-mail”? As I know text can be written by hand and typed by keyboard. Right?

  19. Jay Feller says:

    thank you Ma’am Emma. You will be my new English teacher.I like you=)

  20. Abhaysinh Parmar says:

    good lesson thanks, Abhay

  21. Ibrahim Ali says:

    good lesson and i m enjoied . tanks . ibrahim from dubai

  22. Allau Naju says:


  23. Peace woldwide says:

    Dear Teacher Emma! Thank you very much.Very useful and daily using expressions. Warm wishes Kajaaani

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