5 Ways To Ruin Your Social Media Portfolio

5 Ways To Ruin Your Social Media Portfolio
When someone called me a social media Rock Star back in 2008, I was thrilled. My first thought? “Boy, that was easy!” Yes, it was truly easy, which is what I've realized after all these years on social media. The thing with social media is that we …
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It's time for something bigger than social media marketing, but what?
Social media has changed the way the internet works. It has also changed the way we watch TV. Today social is so huge and it only took a few years and Facebook for it to become as big as it is right now. But what marketers don't seem to realize is that …
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Content is Fire and Social Media is Gasoline
To get a better sense for how businesses can use content and social media together to be successful, I talked with my friend Jay Baer. Jay Baer is the author of the brand new New York Times bestseller Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help, Not Hype.
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