5 Ways Your Content Marketing Needs To Grow Up

5 Ways Your Content Marketing Needs To Grow Up
Content marketing has been mainstream for a couple years now, and mistakes that were commonly made in its infancy are no longer justifiable. Most businesses can't afford to continually create new content just for the sake of creating content; a mature …
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Content marketers are overworked and under-performing
"The obvious trend right now in marketing is content marketing," says Ayca Yuksel, director of global marketing and communications at BookingSuite, a business-to-business software arm of online hotel service booking.com. "We've changed our content …
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3 Things Will Smith Can Teach You About Content Marketing
When you think of Will Smith, you either think of a guy rapping about the niceties of Miami, or on the silver screen blasting aliens. What you really should be thinking about is a guy that mastered content marketing. Here's why Will Smith is a content …
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