5 Week HTML5 Application Development Training

5 Week HTML5 Application Development Training
Event on 2014-01-15 18:30:00

5 Week HTML5 Application Development Training

What: This is a 5 week HTML5 Application Development Training that consists of 10 sessions meeting 2 times a week for 2 hours. Learn how to make HTML5 applications! HTML5 is the language of the internet and one of the most sought after skill by employers. Learn the working of JavaScript and CSS and the relationship between these powerful languages that dictate your daily web experience. Knowing how to program is integral for all career success. You interact with HTML5 at all times; you are interacting with HTML as you read this description. We are approaching a time when employers will expect all employees to have some sort of functional understanding of HTML.

This class is taught over 10 sessions that last 2 hours. This is an all levels class, no prior programming experience required. 

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn HTML5. You will have to learn it sooner or later.

There are assignments between meetings. The class environment is very comfortable.

10 sessions with each session lasting 2 hours. This is one of the best opportunities available to learn HTML5.

Please remember to bring your Lap Top


[DAY 1] 
– Introduction to HTML5
– Review of DOM and JavaScript

[DAY 2]
– Event Handling in HTML5
– Forms API

[DAY 3]
– Video and Audio API
-Canvas API

[DAY 4]
-Drag And Drop API
-Integrate Audio and Video API with Canvas

[DAY 5]
-HTML5 Graphic Libraries
-Developing Canvas Applications using Custom Libraries

[DAY 6]
-Communication API
-XMLHttpRequest and Cross-Domain Messaging

[DAY 7]
-Web Workers and Web Sockets API
-GeoLocation API

[DAY 8]
-Local Storage API
-Storage over Cloud

[DAY 9]
-Introduction to WebGL
-Offline Applications API

[DAY 10]
-Optimizing HTML5 Applications

Please remember to bring your Lap Top



Career: Lay your own path to success. Learn HTML5 and taste the fruit of success that comes from being in demand. 

Make more money: HTML programmers make on average ,000 more per year than professionals who only know Microsoft Office. 

Be in control on the web: HTML is the foundation of the web and knowing HTML is essential for developing and managing a successful online presence. 

Increase strategic value: Become indispensible to your employer. 

Get a promotion: If you are looking for a promotion or a new job then knowing HTML will increase your chances of success. 

Mobile applications: HTML is used for Cross Platform Mobile Application Development; learn the language that is powering mobile applications. 

Value to businesses: HTML is of importance to all businesses because of its integral value to the web. 

Better work life balance: Knowing how to code can lead to a circumstance in your life where you have better control over your career choices and work options. Most employers allow programmers the freedom to decide their own schedule and also offer more opportunities to work from home for programmers than non programmers. 

A standard practice: It is integral to know how to program in todays competitive environment. If you have been looking for a language to learn then make HTML your 1st choice. It will give you a lot of power in a very little time. Let’s face it; sooner or later you will have to learn how to program. Why wait? 

You can do it: Learning to program is not as hard as you think. With our coaching you will be able to bridge the programming gap. 

Beneficial to all employers: Getting training in HTML5 is of value to all companies as it helps employees produce better quality work. HTML5 can make the difference between average quality output and excellent quality output. It is of value to any position that requires communication or data interaction. The skills learned in this class are applicable to all departments of any company including but not limited to IT, Data Analysis, Sales, Strategic planning and Marketing. The skills taught can be implemented in daily online tasks. 


–  HTML5 offers faster image downloads, especially for mobile users

– HTML5 offers improved SEO

– HTML5 offers Sophisticated animation effects

– HTML5 offers Easier Web and Mobile App Development

– BBC is turning towards HTML5 for application development

– Zynga used HTML5 to make Words With Friends, FarmVille Express, Zynga Poker Mobile Web and CityVille Express. Zynga continues to use HTML5 for product development globally.

– SAP is using HTML5 for Enterprise Mobile Apps

– HTML5 is one of the most desired skills by employer How to Register:A. Please sign up on eventbrite: If you are already on Eventbrite then please select the number of tickets you would like to purchase from above. C. If you have an employer sponsored education program then please contact us at: classes@startupsaturdays.netWe can work with various reimbursement and employer sponsored educational programs. Startup Saturdays – Complete Listing


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