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Oprah Winfrey show about 5 words babies use to communicate with adults. Priscilla Dunstan shares her secret on the show. It’s a baby language. I do think the argument is viable speaking as a parent. What do you think?
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  2. I love, love, love Dunstan’s Baby Language. My mom showed me this Oprah segment when my baby was 2 weeks old, and it works like a charm. Just now, my baby (7 months old already!) woke up crying. I’d fed him minutes ago, so I went to his crib confused. The first thing I heard from him was “Eh.” That’s the “word” for needing to burp. I picked him up, patted his back, and he burped twice and stopped crying. I put him back in his bed, and he rolled over and went to sleep without another sound. 🙂

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  4. I’m a guy with a 6 week old, been having trouble understanding and saw this video. Genius, that’s all I can say. Within 10 min I had him burped, pooped and ready for a nap. It may not work all the time but it’s better than being stressed and pissing off the kid. To the people who have nothing but nasty things to say- grow up and get a life. Some people are just trash. The woman is incredible, truly gifted. Thank you!!!

  5. I don’t know what kind of baby you have had, but usually by the time you try the 5th thing the poor child is totally hysterical, the mother is in tears and the father is in medical shock, everyone feels helpless and like a failure sometimes (maybe not YOU of course) but don’t you think its “nice” to know which of the 5 or 6 things is the correct thing to do first, every time?

  6. it’s very interesting to discover that every baby everywhere says the same thing but really every baby can only want so many things. they’re babies. they aren’t crying because their ipod is freezing. “omg omg its crying what do i do? does it want a cigarette?” it can only want 5 or 6 things use process of elimination you daft whores!

  7. All the while i hear my baby says “owh” – (being tired) i will be thinkin he wants to play wif me n i will play wif him!! it will last only 2-3 mins n he will start to cry!! IM WRONG.. OMG.. My baby is TIRED n im making him more TIRED by playin wif him.. oops!! Sorry “Tridev” From today, im going to listen wat my baby is trying to tell me n i going to troubleshoot him. Thank u very much youtube!! 🙂 from: Singapore..

  8. 1) “neh” – hunger 2) “owh” – being tired 3) “heh” – discomfort (hot, cold, uncomfortable, diaper) 4) “eair” - lower gas 5) “eh” – burp

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