50 Cent ft.Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology

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18 Responses to 50 Cent ft.Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology

  1. everaldo junior says:

    fuck you everybody

  2. theweebarra7 says:

    haha, 50 cent..50 cent, timbaland…land, two supposed G’s, but its only the white guy who gets any action, while 50 gets blindfolded, nd as you dont see him get a happy endin you can only assume he was left there nd robbed by those bitches, nd timbaland is excludin himself all together by stayin upstairs nd playin on his computer, poor show niggas

  3. XoXoAlle says:

    That’s because they’re tired of using technology …

  4. viktor makarov says:

    Alter ich pump mir das immer noch 2013 und ihr ??

  5. larissa evellem says:


  6. 3aDaNy21 says:

    تعبان من استخدام التكنولوجيا

  7. aClockworkSeven says:

    Between this video and the videos for Cry Me A River, and I’ll Return The Favor, I cant help but wonder if Timbaland has a fetish for using technology to spy on people. Criminal surveillance is illegal.

  8. GamingFoxful says:

    yeah if only other people knew this track is crazy good BTW peeps use this to get this music on your ipod >>> bit.lyZD7XLJ

  9. leonardo anderson says:


  10. Ramchand Phagoo says:

    Ur my hero 😀

  11. alibaba etlesvoleurs says:

    i’m not there to watch this scrap.. i’m there to listen this amazing song..

  12. ashton485 says:

    how fucking ironic

  13. Eduardo Lassig says:


  14. Giorgi Tarkashvili says:


  15. FrEaKtz63 says:

    lol dude 

  16. MrLikeRockStar says:

    lolz 2013 and under me I see six comments on the same day that never grows old

  17. TheReflectionStudios says:

    1:52 there is a film with something in it like this what timbaland is doing there can anyone tell me how the movie is called? 😀

  18. Tristam Ribeiro says:

    Is he saying “She wants it” Or “She wont sit”???

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