50 Google Now Voice Commands

I do 50 Google Now voice commands to demonstrate what Google Now is capable of. I ask a wide variety of questions ranging from everything from sports and sto…
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21 Responses to 50 Google Now Voice Commands

  1. ondagster says:

    great vid, learned a few i didnt know before, gonna try it out on my moto x..

  2. David Wang says:

    It’s really cool. How about other languages?

  3. bulldog521521 says:

    So much better than Siri.

  4. Marc Lombart says:

    I have an HTC one with the latest update Android 4.3 and when I have Goolgle now active, I can’t just say Okay google, I actually have to press on the microphone button. And despite me choosing voice output, it doesn’t give me it, Any hints?

  5. Lateef Alabi-Oki says:

    The wonders of Google Now. 

  6. TastyLimePie says:

    I said ”Make me a sandwich” and she said ” You’re a sandwich!”

  7. Delian Marinov says:


  8. Charles Cooper says:

    Great video on Google Now Commands.

  9. Raymond Fyfe says:

    50 different voice commands for Google Now

  10. Dwayne Wilson says:

    I could literally talk to my phone all day.

  11. Herwin Torres says:

    So cool

  12. AkOsIrAnUto9980 says:

    Me: Ok Google, make a sandwich. Google : What? Do it yourself! Epicness xDDDDD

  13. Barry Smallwood says:

    voice commands are awesome except if you live in another country like the uk. sometimes it never finds even the common stuff because it doesnt recognise my northern accent lol

  14. Raj Amal says:

    Awesome video

  15. Tiago Alves says:

    “Ok J.A.R.V.I.S!” was the best!!! hahahaha

  16. Peter Llewelyn says:

    Pretty handy!

  17. Hector Andem says:

    #45. Dayum.

  18. João Jesus says:

    Very nice video of possible Google Now commands. 

  19. Advait Panchal says:


  20. Darren Hughes says:

    anyone else recognize that voice? Yeah, I thought so. It’s the trash talking robot :D

  21. vinod kumar says:

    I will buy thatt product……

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