50% of small businesses failing each year stated USBA: a website for small businesses may reduce the probability.

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

Entrepreneurs and young business men face great survival challenges in these harsh economic times. With the growth of multinational companies, small businesses face unparallel competition. A report by United States of Small Business Administration (USBA) found 50% of small businesses failed this year due to various factors which include fierce competition by the multinational giants and due to low turnovers. The article was published last month on and stated several factors which the USBA finds are reasons why half of all small businesses fail in its initial year of operations.

The study found fierce competition and low sales to be two out of the ten most important factors of all. Companies make use of their size and benefit largely by economies of scales and a large customer reach. Building a personal website helps businesses overcome these hurdles. A study conducted by MYOB last year and published in the month of February on small businesses found that revenues of the small businesses grow rapidly within 12 months after having established a website. By building a customized website, these businesses were able to benefit from reaching a greater number of customers and making a presence on the World Wide Web.

The internet helps small businesses take giant corporations head on. The cyberspace equalizes the marketing platform and helps small businesses make their presence felt in the minds of customers by various techniques such as SEO and link-building. XSM is an online web development company which educates individuals and businesses on how to make the best use of the internet to grow sales and market effectively and also helps businesses in building customized websites.

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