50 years of Linguistics at MIT, Lecture 4

Noam Chomsky speaks about the history of linguistics in the 20th century and the role played by the MIT Linguistics department. from “50 Years of Linguistics at MIT: a Scientific Reunion” (December 9-11, 2011) Video courtesy of Video Visuals
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22 thoughts on “50 years of Linguistics at MIT, Lecture 4

  1. Does anyone know if Mr. Chomsky and his partner have seen the recent “TEDtalk”, “Birth of a Word”, where a doctorate student and his co-workers did an amazing video, audio of 8hours/day for more than 2years and use computer graphics analyses of the birth of his son’s achievements? Mr. Chomsky always amazes me with his thinking about what is expected and the vastness of what he claims is really not known.

  2. For all the awareness of linguistics weather in person or on audio, Mr. Chomsky, has always spoken extremely softly. Adding an audio cable and your own volume is the only option around this difficulty.

  3. I love this man. On the other hand I would like to allow myself a funny statement: does he really have only this one sweater? We see him wearing it all the time. It must be his favorite. 🙂

  4. To increase the volume on Windows 7: * Click the Windows Volume Mixer on the taskbar/tray * Click what you’re listening from under Device * Click Enhancements tab * Click Loudness Equalization checkbox * Click Apply button

  5. Then you haven’t been in the field of linguistics long. And he is not a dissident, the term that is more accurate is a writer of critical discourse on USA policy

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