5/365 – How To Use Google Webmaster Tools

DigitalBankroll.com [Internet Marketing Training School] In this video, you will get to see inside one of my high traffic websites in the skateboarding niche and will also learn how I install and use Google Webmaster Tools to better understand the flow of traffic on your site. If you enjoyed the video, please like, rate, comment and subscribe!
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3 Responses to 5/365 – How To Use Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Hudson Nissan says:

    How do you plan on kicking them out of that spot since it is a payed spot? You planning on using Paid Marketing?

  2. rotsebanotman says:

    I really need help! I put my site on webmaster tools, I verified it and everything… When I got to the “Keywords” category, it says: No data available. And it wont let me put any kewords! Please help!

  3. justjustinme says:

    THank you! I subscribed!

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