6 Things Public Relations Pros Can Learn From Drake

6 Things Public Relations Pros Can Learn From Drake
If you work in public relations, you probably find professional inspiration in a lot of places. For example, you may feel inspired when you see someone who is undoubtedly considered a leader in your industry. Or perhaps you hear about a really great …
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Effective Immediately Public Relations is Named #2 Music PR Firm
Eshy Gazit, CEO of Effective Immediately Public Relations, is proud to announce that his firm has been selected as one of the most influential music public relations agencies of 2015. Ranked number two by 10 Best PR, based on qualitative and …
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Wild Side: Flies — a flying public relations disaster
Flies — I mean all of them, the whole insect order Diptera — have a public relations problem. A few bad actors taint the whole group. To be sure, some of those actors are seriously bad: mosquitoes that carry malaria, house flies that transport …
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