$7 Billion Mobile Ad Spend Prediction in the US Dictates Webrageous Ppc Management Strategies

Reno, Nevada (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

A recent report by the IDC reveals that mobile ad spend in the US is liable to hit the $ 7 billion mark by the end of 2013. The PPC management strategies employed by PPC management company, Webrageous, will be undergoing some necessary changes as a result.

The updates made to the companys general approach to PPC management are set to generate some incredible PPC advertising results for a number of the companys clients in the months to come.

Unlike a number of PPC experts, the team at Webrageous is excited about the benefits which are being brought about by the introduction of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. Webrageous Marketing Director, David Chapman, has high hopes for his PPC advertising clients thanks to the imminent shift over to Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns and sees it as a clear reflection of Googles assured understanding of the development of online marketing and online user activity.

More and more people are accessing the Internet using mobile devices and Google is very much aware of this fact, said Mr. Champan.

The report undertaken by IDC is just another example which proves that the changes in online user activity center around the use of mobile devices as opposed to the more classic desktop choice. The report is also proof of the fact that the growth of mobile device activity is going to continue to have an important influence on online sales and other kinds of conversions in the years to come, confirms Mr. Chapman. This is one of the reasons why Webrageous has decided to begin refocusing its PPC marketing strategies to place more of an emphasis on advertising via the mobile network.

PPC advertising clients at Webrageous are in very safe hands as the shift towards Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns becomes a reality for all PPC advertisers, because the company used to be a website design company before it began working entirely on the management of PPC campaigns. Any kind of website reconstruction needed to help clients achieve conversions via the mobile network can be done in-house, depending on the circumstances and needs of the client and his or her campaign.

Its also important to highlight that the shift to Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns doesnt automatically mean that all PPC advertisers at Webrageous will see their campaigns focusing primarily on the use of the mobile network. Nor does it mean that all PPC advertising clients at Webrageous will be forced into running mobile advertisements on any level. The PPC experts at Webrageous are experienced enough to find ways of working around the changes at Google and the changes in internet-user activity, without imposing a mobile network for all motto to its management style.

Webrageous knows that mobile advertising, even in an age which predicts that online advertising to the tune of $ 7 billion will be attributed to the mobile network this year, is still not necessarily the best form of online advertising for all businesses or all industries in the US.

Many of our PPC advertising clients operate within industries which dont convert well via the mobile network, for a number of specific reasons, but the beauty of the Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns lies in being able to delicately manage Ad Sitelinks and Google Maps Listings to encourage mobile users who are in the area to visit the business in person and convert offline or to call that business during opening hours to convert via the telephone, says Mr. Chapman.

However, the data gathered by IDC on mobile advertising spend predictions for 2013 is being used by Webrageous to shape the format of its general style and approach to PPC management in the months to come.

The data within the report is just the right amount of leverage needed to help convince PPC advertising clients that, even if the mobile network is not the place for their businesses to increase conversions online, it is the place to drum up the best business in general in 2013. This report helps to prove that Google is making a smart move for all advertisers with the shift to Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns and, in the process, the report is helping Webrageous to lead its clients forward into the online marketing world of 2013 with confidence and results.

For more information on Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns and mobile network advertising, contact David Chapman directly by visiting the website at http://www.webrageous.com or by calling him directly at 530-553-4111.

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