7 Website Tips to Attract More Shoppers to Your Pages

7 Website Tips to Attract More Shoppers to Your Pages
All websites should be connected to a Google+ page, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account, no matter what the site is selling. As these are usually considered the three most popular forms of social media, you should have a presence on these sites …
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Five Jobs the Internet has Turned into Nightmares
Dr. Google is more trustworthy than any actual doctor, and anyway, most medicines are just a plot by millionaire medical products companies to gyp you out of your money, because the Internet said so. So you will try home remedies. … But our …
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Privacy Tools: How to Block Online Tracking
Here are three tools that block the most common trackers. Ghostery … Disconnect maintains its database of trackers by crawling popular websites for third-party requests, then categorizing those requests by type, according to co-founder Casey Oppenheim.
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