71 dogpile of death

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  1. fieldhouse890 says:

    I cant stand racism

  2. gannable says:

    well you’re right, its not cool but personally I’m sick of this society and culture. its being destroyed. Nothing against any other race but I want to be in a country with white heterosexual people with traditional values. I’ve finished with the rotten culture of America. If i could have my own land with my own people and we live in peace with our neighbors of other races then that would suit me better than the mixed trash culture of today.

  3. blake kersey says:

    I don’t doubt it. Racism ain’t cool man, seriously.

  4. gannable says:

    sure, if it was 10 vs. 1 which is their typical behavior. But if one of them fought like a man and it was a fair fight I doubt the wetback would win

  5. blake kersey says:

    Man, those “stupid mexiacans” would demolish the shit out if your ass for saying that!

  6. blake kersey says:

    This looks very gay.

  7. Edges says:

    What it feels li after eating too much mexican food

  8. escrete20000 says:

    Man, I miss dog pile. Broke 3 beds with it.

  9. CyanoticFuture says:


  10. Butters Leopold says:


  11. whoseaaron says:


  12. Ryan Vandergriend says:

    I’m going to guess that that plant was meth in disguise…. stupid mexicans

  13. Jason G says:

    I can handle all of them at once for ten mins!!!

  14. CyanoticFuture says:

    0:09 Eddie Guerro!

  15. Kevin Truong says:

    after i saw the first guy i thought it was over.

  16. gannable says:

    stupid mexicans

  17. thickbare says:

    Man, that fatboy in the black shirt….gggggrrrr.  Love to get at that big hog.

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