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7search.com – Search Engine Marketing through Pay Per Click Advertising? Try 7Search.com, a leading Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising and Affiliate Network since 1999. 7Search is dedicated to providing outstanding value and customer service to online businesses. Continually recognized as a premier online advertising solution and a respected Web partner network, 7Search has provided thousands of entrepreneurs with an economical and measurable opportunity to obtain Internet traffic and generate revenue through their online presence. Our network currently provides advertiser results for over 3 billion monthly searches. Industry leading customer service is also just a click or call away! More than 40000 advertisers have used 7search thus far. Visit http to sign up today!

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5 Responses to 7search.com – Pay Per Click Search Engine Network

  1. BacklinksTrafficSoft says:

    I’m already in!

  2. 7SearchPPC says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Bluefire5! We try:)

  3. Bluefire5 says:

    I’m starting to like 7search… kick googles butt!

  4. TheJenBelmont says:

    The music was spot-on for the ad content!

  5. 7SearchPPC says:

    Thanks! We’re glad that you like it. It’s not easy to pick something everyone will like, but I think we did a good job with this one!

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