8 Content Marketing Habits for 2014

8 Content Marketing Habits for 2014
Event on 2014-06-19 07:30:00

8 Content Marketing Habits for 2014: A framework to help you cut through the clutter and win more attention from customers.

In 2012, Edison Research studied the behaviors and attitudes of American consumers to understand how disruptive innovations like social networks and mobile devices — plus trends toward online content — have impacted consumer behavior.

The findings of this large-scale survey revealed for the first time that while the nature of media was rapidly changing, so were our consumption habits.

A large part of our lives are rooted in our habits. Stored in the lower region of our brain, our habits are the blueprints that give us the ability to execute complex sequences of behaviors without consciously thinking about the task at hand.

In this fast-paced and interactive session, Nate Riggs will bridge the gap between the art and science of content marketing and the complexities of the human brain. He’ll teach you the framework to help you and your marketing team rewire your habits — and your organization’s habits — to achieve better results from your marketing program.

You will learn:

— The growing body of science behind habit formation.
— How to recognize unproductive personal and organizational habits that cause content marketing programs to fail.
— How to rewire the pathways in your brain for more productive content habits.
— How to roll those habits out across your organization.
— Content marketing programs that already use the framework to successfully reach and engage customers.

Speaker name: Nate Riggs
Speaker website: http://www.nateriggs.com/
Speaker bio:

Nate Riggs is the president of NR Media Group, a consultancy specializing in content marketing and new media programs for mid-sized and large companies. Over the past decade, he's helped a wide range of brands that include Bob Evans Restaurants, Donatos Pizza, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Imgur.com, Simonton Windows and numerous others adopt new processes, technologies and sustainable programs that help them reach audiences, increase their customer databases and drive sales.

Nate created and hosts the Social Restaurant Podcast as well as  This Week in Restaurant Technologies, and regularly presents at top industry conferences. His work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CCO Magazine and numerous other business and trade press.

On the side, Nate teaches as adjunct marketing faculty at the Ohio University College of Business. He is an active board member for the Schey Sales Center and Ohio University's Marketing Advisory Board, and also sits on advisory committee for the Fast Casual Executive Summit.

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