8 throwback sites you thought died in 2005

8 throwback sites you thought died in 2005
Livejournal, the popular blogging platform that narrowly predated WordPress, saw the last of its global heyday in 2006. But since then, the site has become kind of a big deal in Russia – in fact, it's the 12th most-visited site on the Russian web. That …
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John Stossel: Planners and experts get shown up by entrepreneurs
Many of today's most popular websites — Google, Indiegogo, Facebook — thrive because they gave more control to users than to the founders. They also help users get things done without relying on gatekeepers at publishing houses, mainstream media or …
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February 2015 Web Server Survey
The .paris GeoTLD became available to all on 2 December 2014 and proclaims itself to be the most affordable address in Paris. The most visited .paris website is currently www.toureiffel.paris, which is where visitors will end up if they attempt to …
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