9 percent would have sex with a robot

9 percent would have sex with a robot
You might believe that people still need convincing to let robots into their homes. However, a very significant 33 percent said they wouldn't mind having a robot servant. I am not sure if this was correlated with those who were deeply committed to …
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Who's the Robot With Unusually Strong Actuators? SCHAFT! Can You Dig It?
Anyone worried about the inevitable robot uprising can take solace in knowing that humanoid robots are not particularly strong. That's because the electric motors commonly used to build them are pretty limited due to size. That solace is only temporary …
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Female Octopus Arms Reach Farther, Robot Research Group Finds [Video]
She is one of the leads on the OCTOPUS Integrating Project, a consortium of scientists working to build an entirely soft-bodied robot octopus. One of the researchers in her lab, Laura Margheri, explained to me that in order to replicate stretchiness in …
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