9 SEO secrets every business should know

9 SEO secrets every business should know
The search engine optimization (SEO) world has undergone some big changes in the last few years—the biggest being coming in the form of Google's heightened push towards strong user experiences. It's hard to imagine that just 10 years ago, SEO was a …
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7 Things You Need to Know About SEO to Remain Relevant in 2015
Keeping up with the ever-evolving SEO industry can seem like a pain, but it's a requirement for anyone that wants to stay relevant in this digital age. If you ignore these concepts, you risk finding yourself plagued with penalties and poor rankings …
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Why SEO is an Ongoing Process and Not a One-Time Event
The competition changes constantly. Competitors come and go. The tactics they use to attract and retain customer's attention can vary from day-to-day. SEO is a process because you have to, at the very least, monitor and keep up with the competition …
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