9 Things To Expect From Google In 2015

2015 looks to be an interesting year for the search giant, so here are nine things to look forward to.

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23 Responses to 9 Things To Expect From Google In 2015

  1. MixEcoSystem says:

    Where’s Motorola Ara?

  2. Hector Sejas says:

    What if android and apple joined together to make a kick ass product?? Probably won’t happen but think about it.. That would be crazy, right?

  3. Shellymon™ says:

    I can’t wait.

  4. dinesh kumar Anand says:

    Nexus 7 should be smaller device and Google should collaborate with Sony xperia and make nexus 6 compact or nexus 7.

  5. Jimmy Call says:

    Yeah 2014 was pretty boring for Google. They sold over priced old phone spec that couldn’t even run properly their new os release. Their other projects were pretty half baked.

  6. ShinyTheDragon says:

    i hope that google glass will become cooler and cheaper because im never going to afford the thing at its current price

  7. Yoda on DMT says:

    Sadly, there will no doubt be more ways for Google to stalk you around the internet.

  8. Callum Sewell says:

    We’re talking about the next version of Android when most phones don’t even run Lollipop…

  9. mistermystery1999 says:

    And meanwhile Apple is still making billions by selling the same phone every year…

  10. Kyle Papili says:

    I think it would be amazing if Google would focus it’s attentions to updating Chrome OS. Maybe some material design and some fresh web apps. And maybe even the ability to install certain applications. Chrome OS is an amazing idea and if Google could just expand upon it, I think it could be a major competitor with macbooks or windows computers

  11. Markus Brorson says:

    With people getting google fibre, i’m so happy because now i can play with players from the U.S that has low latency!!! ITS ABOUT TIME.

  12. Arnaaz Khodabaks says:

    9 Things To Expect From Google In 2015

  13. Steven Vroutsis says:

    Will android m come to late 2014 phones like moto g 2014?

  14. Tom Ritchie says:

    google self driving car?

  15. claud rapoza says:

    Android mousse? 

  16. tiger2hunt4me says:

    you dont have google Ara in here which is imo the biggest thing in 2015

  17. MetagrossEatsSkittles says:

    Android 5.1 Marshmallow

  18. SCIFIaction says:

    You folks didn’t even mention Ara!!!

  19. Jan Renzo Tiangco says:

    Android TV is definitely going to get traction as sony has already announced that they will put it in their TV line-ups. Native multi-tasking is the next logical step for Android Google Auto is a great concept, but I think it’ll take time to get adapted to the mainstream.

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