9xTable Micro Business Matters Day proactive marketing event L19 9AD

9xTable Micro Business Matters Day proactive marketing event L19 9AD
Event on 2015-01-09 13:00:00

This 9xTable session is being organised and hosted by Eliane Strasser of Strasser Creations.

9xTable Where Micro Businesses meet to proactively market themselves online
Are you already using social media platforms to share information about your business?
Are you a micro business i.e. your business is you and between 0 to 9 employees?
Do you want to get off to a flying start in 2015?

Yes to all 3?
Then you can take part in one of our proactive digital marketing sessions called 9xTable

Plus take further advantage of holding one on Micro Business Matters Day 2015. 9xTable are the idea of a micro business owner, Louise Barson of My Life Pack who helps people get organised for life and organised for business. She saw the publicity being generated for Micro Business Matters Day and contacted the organisers with her idea – and they love 9xTable.  So here it is for you starting on 9th Jan 2015

9xTable can be held anywhere!
Louise is hosting her 9xTable session at a venue, you could decide to do the same. Or you can host one as simply getting a few business contacts around your kitchen or office table using the templates and info we have provided to arranging to host yours at a venue – the choice is yours.
Just Do It! on 9 Jan 2015 to take advantage of Micro Business Matters Day additional publicity and let Louise know what you get up to.

To make it easy for as many people to participate in 9xTable Louise will send any interested parties the info required for you to get the most out a 9xTable marketing session for your business. And if you register to attend a 9xTable session anywhere she will also send you a FREE marketing content template for you to use anytime; not just at a 9xTable session. 

A 9xTable can take place in your area if you or someone else volunteers to run the meeting
Contact Louise if you'd like to host a session, whether you decide to charge for your session or provide it for free and she will add your event to this listing so other people know what is going on and where. You might even attract additional publicity from the media.

What happens at a 9xTABLE session?
You bring along your laptop and YOUR pre-prepared social media marketing messages that YOU would like more people to see and work with up to 9 other micro businesses proactively sharing YOUR marketing material for 9 minutes across various social media platforms – increasing YOUR reach and improving YOUR KPI's. If there is a host plus 9 microbusiness at a 9xTABLE you will have received 81 minutes of proactive digital marketing activity.

A great way to start off 2015! 

Sign up here if you would like to receive our briefing document on "How to run and benefit from a 9xTable session" and how to obtain your free template.

More info available about 9xTABLE on our blog http://www.mylifepack.co.uk/blog  Do drop by to read more out how your business could benefit from hosting or attending a 9xTABLE session.

Look out for 9xTable updates and news from Louise
Twitter @mylifepack and/or Facebook MyLifePack and My Life Pack™ website 

at United Kingdom
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Liverpool, United Kingdom

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