A case of animal racism from Gareth Morgan

A case of animal racism from Gareth Morgan
But if the rats and mice don't know that they're 'vermin' – perhaps the most derogatory word in our language – they certainly do know that they exist in constant peril of their lives. Their highly … Finally, as for cats being sadists and natural born …
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Hasso Plattner Institute: Free Open Online Course Introduces the Semantic Web
How the information expressed in natural language is extended in the so-called Semantic Web to enable a machine-readable interpretation of its meaning (semantics) is shown in the new open online course starting February 4th at http://www.openhpi.de.
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The 'natural born' need not apply
In the American context, therefore, the meaning of natural born citizen may be something no mere formula of words defines. Yet there is a sense in which the language of biological inheritance reminds us of the deeper touchstone of meaning by which we …
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