A Charlotte SEO Company Guarantees First Page Google Ranking in 6 Months

Concord, NC (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

MP Marketing Solutions, Charlotte SEO service company, initiates a six-month program to achieve first page Google ranking, else refund three months payment.

With rising competition, every business wants their websites to be listed in the top ten ranking of Google and the SEO services of MP Marketing Solutions claims to provide exactly that. According to Mr. Hernandez, the CEO of this SEO agency, their clients typically attain first page ranking of the leading search engines with two to three months, but their six-month program is designed as a complete assurance for the clients to opt for their SEO services.

However, MP Marketing Solutions is unique in this regard, as the company offers affordable consulting services on back linking and Search engine optimization, without any strings. The minimum duration of the program is one month and customers are free to cancel it anytime if they are not satisfied. Mr. Hernandez, the head of the organization announced that being a reputed company, he and associated professionals never convince the users to go for long-term contacts. It is up to customers satisfaction whether they will continue or discard the consulting program after one month.

During a press meet, he said a few words about the latest program. Till now the company has already 98% retention rate and this month-to-month program will increase the popularity of the company. The program includes several techniques that will help our clients to stay ahead of their competition.

He informed about some of the SEO services and consulting programs of their agency, which include conversion analysis, site analysis, keyword optimization and many more. Social media Promotion and customized backlink building are also part of the program.

According to Mr. Miller Garcia, a senior professional of the company, Our clients have already experienced the importance of our consulting program in context of SEO and the result is 98% retention rate. As the company has already reached a position, we are planning to offer risk free seo services to prove our efficiency. It is expected that customer will like this program as the previous ones.

Mr. Angelo, a Charlotte based entrepreneur who runs a small enterprise and arranges rental houses for visitors, has opted for the SEO services and consulting program to promote his company and it worked. He says, I didnt know ever that even my small enterprise will get a universal platform one day. I am happy that MP Marketing Solutions got me result in just two months.

Mr. Miller Garcia adds that their client can see the result within six months or else they can take three months payment, which is unlikely.

About the company: MP Marketing Solutions, a Charlotte SEO service company, has offices in different parts of the world. It has its headquarter just outside Charlotte, with more than 150 employees. To know more about the company visit

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