A Day In New York

Finn and I were lucky enough to visit New York! The problem is we only had one day to see all the sights… The first song is by OHO (9th Pawn) Download this…
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  1. IsaacTheEpicNinja says:


  2. Keila Abi says:

    we see Montreal on the map! Come to Montreal please! xo

  3. Skylar Young says:

    what song is that at 0:03??

  4. ANA KRAFT says:

    instead of spreading hate (which is just a waste of everything, time, energy, love, motivation, creativity, faith) – get your energy together and aim for a trip to new york yourself!

  5. Kaustomatic says:

    Hahaha i get it the “twin towers” and they were standing next to each other.

  6. Rob Hanvy says:

    Next time ride the FREE Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan!

  7. Diliza Seru says:

    Joey Gatto!!!!!!

  8. Sebastian Hernandez says:

    Oh! I lost my phone in NY and got it back too!! In Madison Sq. Park, I dropped it and someone found it and called my friend who was the last person I talked to.. Who’d say?! Love NY!

  9. JusteTwo says:

    New comedy channel! We uploaded our first video 2 days ago, How To: Impress a Girl! 😀 If you are interested, give it a look! Thanks! 😀

  10. ayelexie says:

    Pleaseeeeeeeee cone to Philadelphia

  11. Erika Mants says:

    Well this is sorta like my days! Haha anyway if you have an extra minute check out how i spend my days in New York!

  12. DannysDorm says:

    You like JacksGap??? Perfect!! You’ll love DannysDorm! YouTube’s Newest Comedy Series… show.. thing!!! lol

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