A Day in the Life of a Kiva Robot

A Day in the Life of a Kiva Robot

Kiva Systems founder and CEO Mick Mountz narrates a play-by-play video of how Kiva robots automate a warehouse environment. Complete video available for free at: fora.tv —– How Robots Think: Why Artificial Intelligence Is Nothing Like the Human Mind Mick Mountz, Founder & CEO, Kiva Systems in conversation with Jason Tanz Mick Mountz is founder and CEO of Kiva Systems. Mountz founded Kiva Systems in 2003, after experiencing the inadequacy of existing material-handling technologies for ecommerce at the grocery delivery startup Webvan. Kiva’s integrated order-fulfillment solution employs hundreds of mobile robots and distributed intelligence to enable faster, more flexible ecommerce distribution centers for companies like The Gap, Saks Fifth Avenue, Diapers.com, Staples, Walgreens, and Crate and Barrel. Under Mountz’s leadership, Kiva was ranked sixth on the 2009 Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the US. Before joining Webvan, Mountz spent three years as a product manager at Apple Computer, where he helped move new technologies like FireWire, DVD, Fast Ethernet, and 3D graphics acceleration into the standard desktop platform. He began his career as a mechanical and manufacturing engineer at Motorola. In 2008, Mountz received an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the New England region. He holds twelve US technology patents.
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16 Responses to A Day in the Life of a Kiva Robot

  1. Rajeev Sharma says:


  2. PLwhyduck says:

    2nd season? Perhaps – sooner or later I’ll find out. I have all episodes and since February I will watch 2-3 episodes a day;) I used to do it ‘with’ The A-Team. Greetings

  3. TheLeopard81 says:

    MacGyver was fucking awesome. That guy could make a bomb out of a chewing gum. And you’re right, I think the episode you mention is from Season 2 – there he has to deal with some robots, which are similar to the ones in this video.

  4. Nidarisk says:

    I, Robot, it`s fucking starting!

  5. PLwhyduck says:

    Don’t know why but it reminds me one episode of MacGyver 😉

  6. Soya Soya says:


  7. Hamdan Alshehri says:

    More poor people in this world… That what I saw

  8. peirid peirid says:

    Dey tuk my jerb

  9. Deathbreak911 says:

    Beyond amazing.

  10. ricefarmer says:

    this will replace all the mexicans that pride themselves on shitty labor work.. maybe theyd do somethign useful for once

  11. Mikael Murstam says:

    I think we can do better than this, even today. But, this is better than nothing.

  12. Ugluk1000 says:

    Actually it isn’t! If you think about it, the (material) prosperity of the world is limited to how much we can produce. Back 3000 years ago, we could only produce enough food each to live, and therefore society had little else. Each time you bring in new technology to allow one human to make more, then the supply of products in the world increases, and therefore everyone becomes more prosperous.

  13. chapmaster says:

    Don’t worry you won’t have to work with them much longer 😉

  14. sandakureva says:

    People who need to feed their families.

  15. Mike S says:

    Beneficial for who?

  16. sandakureva says:

    Not that this isn’t cool, but isn’t it more economically beneficial for humans to be doing this job?

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