A day in the life of webmaster support

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19 thoughts on “A day in the life of webmaster support

  1. i would say that webmasters oversee all the projects going on – they’re essentially people with a really good understanding of web development who coordinate and manage multiple websites. they also probably didnt film any coding because its not particularly exciting to watch

  2. well a definite would be a very good understanding of the basics – html, css and javascript. you’d probably also need to be familiar with what language the server-side infrastructure is written in. while a degree in web development or software engineering would probably cover it, if you were a talented self-taught person you probably could get the job as well.

  3. I like google’s work space, it’s a inviting area where everyone is encouraged to work more freely and have all these creative ideas. Thumbs up to google/youtube!

  4. dont you guys write codes or fix computers all you guy was doing in here was talking and doing things that dont need a lot of energy and thinking dont you guys do something tiring like writing a program or something

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