A Day in the Life – Public Relations Specialist

A typical day in the life of a Public Relations Specialist. Courtesy of CareerOneStop. Learn how to get there at www.MYCAREERRX.com. Colleges Educate. We Cre…

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6 Responses to A Day in the Life – Public Relations Specialist

  1. Genesis Burson-Marsteller says:

    A public relations professional has to be dynamic. An internship with a good PR firm will boost the career of a PR professional.

  2. Gutsyndicate says:

    you getta be attractive and articulate to succeed in this job properly.

  3. LiVeRNoOdLe says:

    Nope! Not at all! PR is not synonymous with social media but they can intersect.

  4. Nicholas Favale says:

    is this job fun at all?

  5. swiss chard says:

    what if you hate facebook and twitter? will i be forced to go there

  6. Tally Koren says:

    Great video, thanks for the upload.

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