A Day with Google Glass | Demo

In this video we discuss some of the quick assumptions about Glass and give you a look through the eyes of the device in action. Stepping outside, pulling up…
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21 Responses to A Day with Google Glass | Demo

  1. ukpropaganda says:

    6 minutes 22 seconds of your life that you will never get back. Pointless technology to waste your money on. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………….

  2. ThaWastelandDOTcom says:

    So, Google Glass in a nutshell: ”How not to stay in the present moment.”

  3. Carlos Sanchez says:

    this explains in better details the limitations of glass recording video. basically, you’d kill the battery very fast if you went around trying to recording everything/everyone on video. so it’s highly doubtful that the person you see walking around with glass on is recording you. unless they’re stopping ever few minutes to recharge, over and over and over, which is kinda silly

  4. Hells Malice says:

    Seems all-in-all impractical and pointless. Neat idea, but the technology just isn’t quite there.

  5. mfeepm F says:

    I wonder if its possible to magnify somehow technologically for those who need glasses so that you could enter in your prescription strength and it would correct your sight handicap

  6. Pallab Mandal says:

    Well.. Till now there is NO fixed release day and fixed price for the Google glass.. Cuz the world is not ready for this..

  7. ultrajn25 says:

    can I watch porn while I walk to the bus stop?? Its a long walk every day

  8. Joe Inserra says:

    Hello my friends check out these new Google search its in your glasses it’s amazing

  9. thunderstar100 says:

    Why the heck would someone buy an something a smartphone can do? A smartphone is much cheaper, and it can call people, so why the heck would people try to fix something in life that isn’t broken? 

  10. OmDzable says:

    How long until someone gets hit by a vehicle for not concentrating while wearing them…

  11. Mark Twain says:

    Wow !! Now all you geek pedophiles can stalk little boys without a camera to alert the parents. Drug dealers can download pictures of undercover police officers, If I catch you staring at a little girl I am going to alert the parents to your presence.

  12. Ja Yo says:

    JESUS!! This dude has a face for radio, stay away from being filmed slothsquatch. And you dress like a wino ffs, take some pride in yourself dude. You dont look cool or hip, just homeless…the tacky tattoos dont help either.

  13. mreisma says:

    this is like having a phone or laptop directly on your face, hellooooo cancer

  14. copperhound1 says:

    Google glass will have the same fait as the Segway, remember that? Way over priced & hyped.

  15. Randy H says:

    This is gonna be awesome, I so cant wait to get mine!!! A Day with Google Glass | Demo

  16. DadCanDance says:

    This guy is disgusting to look at.

  17. Bert Visscher says:

    For heaven’s sake, get rid of that thing on your lip. Ugh!

  18. SuperJemman says:


  19. EngineeredTruth says:

    nice suit with that jersey?

  20. Wildcake says:


  21. liamdudeeee says:

    They definitely need to improve the battery, and some sort of small lens cap or cover for the camera should be a must have so people don’t think you are recording them all the time. 

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