A.I. Trailer (Extended Version)

Official 2001 Trailer of Steven Spielberg’s movie; Artificial Intelligence, A.I. Extended long version, Not teaser. Ripped from Countdown (UK)

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22 Responses to A.I. Trailer (Extended Version)

  1. Stuart Crivens says:

    he waits for 2000 years lol

  2. Джо Кэтлин says:

    Yeah, me too….

  3. elang emas says:

    I cried watching that movie

  4. BardocksSynphony says:

    fuckin white outs… my eyes hurt

  5. ocean11cean says:

    I already cried watching Shawshank redemption , and then i watched bill burr stand up comedy where he said , how difficult is for a man to show emotions . since then i keep hearing voices from behind ” are you faggot” , i guess i am going to die by Heart attack ,

  6. purpletycoon says:

    I remember watching this when I was a kid and crying so hard, I felt so bad for that boy.

  7. gens12334 says:

    Kurick didn’t have enough time o finish this movie. Thx to Spielberg it was finished!

  8. oldschoolguy8526 says:

    This is my favorite movie of all time. Everytime i watch it it makes me cry. What a beautiful movie.

  9. Mayerling52 says:


  10. Alexander Wiesner says:

    …well thats a lot to process!!!

  11. mkwarlock says:

    One of the best movies ever created.

  12. ilke karataş says:

    captain obvious is obvious

  13. 1moe7 says:

    No.. not really.

  14. Grammar Gorilla says:


  15. MrCjprice193 says:

    steven speilbergs best movie!!!

  16. NausiatedBat says:

    Gamma Greps.

  17. dude2755 says:

    imagine if there was a way to bring back a loved one if only for a day with out any care in the world. how priceless that would be

  18. evandro1234 says:

    Einstein hawkins data newton

  19. VHudgensE says:

    @cristin henriques lmao i agree i immediatley thought of Ted when i saw that bear!!

  20. Cory Ogilvie says:

    This movie is so beautiful! Has nothing to do with religion. Thanks Steven for creating this film.

  21. cristin henriques says:

    I like to think this movie is a mixture of Pinocchio, the wizard of OZ,and tedd 😛 LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  22. MrTechfreak1 says:

    so your saying God dident make us he just programmed us ohh i see. evey time a religious person talking about God and shit it is makeing them selfs more and more fucked in the head. So shutup you are reacking our planet every time you speek about god

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