A look inside Google’s “Driverless Car”

The Google Driverless Car is a project by Google that involves developing technology for driverless cars. The project is currently being led by Google engine…

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19 Responses to A look inside Google’s “Driverless Car”

  1. zkiller142 says:

    No it’s not.

  2. chimp358 says:

    The only reason it should be scary is that is could be prone to a hacker attack, other than that, you shouldn’t worry. Making a self driving AI takes a lot of time and care, and Google is doing just that. This AI is going to be a PERFECT driver before they release it. 😛

  3. Jeanne Corsick says:

    Great, great, piece on the subject of driverless cars. Wow. Imagine – a world without road-rage. No, humanity, without road rage. Another amazing by-product of the driverless car. I love the “..more considerate on the road than humans” comments.

  4. Javier Cortazar says:

    Using this car for those nights when I get shitfaced! 😀

  5. karthik bollineni says:

    It Does really Feel Like a magic!

  6. Randy Bobbandy says:

    I wont buy it even though im like 5 years from actually driving ill just get a 2011 silverado

  7. CamJvideo says:

    i wouldnt buy a self driving car unless it had an immediate self override that i can activate at any certain point in time

  8. videokidt30 says:

    Knight Industries won’t be making the self thinking car, Google is!

  9. baby bran says:

    so less and less jobs will be their …. yay fuck earth in 100 years im going to mars

  10. baby bran says:

    this is amazing but they think we are obese now lmao just wait the movie wallie might not be so far fetched

  11. silvertenzin says:

    Instead of dealing with the stupid stress of driving, imagine yourself singing and talking with your whole family while enjoying the views. I’ll buy my 1st Car with great excitement

  12. freakingiggles says:

    This is scary.

  13. Grandpadhiver says:

    t vraiment un putain de gros troll (your mom watching you dumb teeneger….)

  14. Canyon Grove says:


  15. brooke flower says:

    love this

  16. petterhny says:

    Don’t worry. Techonolgy has learned from Titanic. They won’t release it until it has been proven safer than humans. Also, don’t worry about roadblocks.You have no ideo how able laser sensors are these days when it comes to seeing stuff like this. It will probably have found various solutions before you have even noticed. And all of this is its own interpretation of the situation, not a communication with the server.

  17. petterhny says:

    If by human you mean culture and civilization (though some may find this tautological), they do advantagw. Did you know the word culture comes from the original name of a plough’s blade? Technological advances have helped us dearly in the past. Think printing press, steam engine, gas stove.

  18. petterhny says:

    risky is your heart that could stop beating any second. they won’t release this until it’s proven safer than humans, and why wouldn’t that be possible? have you seen people driving? most suck at it.

  19. petterhny says:

    why would convincing people who like driving be a problem? it’s not like google or nevada plans to outlaw regular driving.

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