A man from market, Kaluk (Sikkim)

A man from market, Kaluk (Sikkim)

Image by Sukanto Debnath
Kaluk is a village of west Sikkim, India. There’s a market on every thurseday, on a Y junction. Very tiny… but interesting. Sometimes poeple come with only one bag of something, lets say green peas … and that’s it! But there are other things too, vegetables to Audio CDs to even cosmetics. People cross several kilometers of mountain roads to reach there, to buy or to sell!

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15 Responses to A man from market, Kaluk (Sikkim)

  1. Amit animator says:

    great expression…. haaaaaaaaaw…. very nice

  2. prasad_mahale1 says:

    Very interestning expression.. btw, long time…how have you been? Wish you a very great 2008!

  3. bascianomarco says:

    molto intensa

  4. Flannel Jesus says:

    Great texture and contrast!

  5. Amitai Elon אמיתי אלון says:

    very strong sense of living

  6. Roy Ramos Photography says:

    wow such a strong portrait! you captured his expression really well! — Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  7. intwomountains says:

    quite an expression and mood to this … ~congratulations~ http://www.drewmyersphoto.net/flickr_scripts/cie/ (?) WINNER You are MY WINNER! Please add this photo to http://www.flickr.com/groups/mywinners/

  8. Frédéric D :) says:

    Superb and priceless look, thank for sharing it with us

  9. andrew.chung says:

    another great portrait….

  10. Celeste says:

    intense character!

  11. Julia Tarraf says:

    great portrait..love

  12. asit mohapatra says:

    everytime u give a surprise with another piece of masterpiece!!!!!carry on dude. i m waiting for the next :)

  13. Krishnendu Chatterjee says:

    Ba ba bhai, khub bhalo… and belated happy new year. kal e alam kerala thekey tai…

  14. bocvana says:

    great expression u’ve captured!

  15. nis.jensen says:

    Oh how I love this face and what you did to it! You are a master of your craft!

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