A Marvel Of Online Marketing: Google's Doodles

A Marvel Of Online Marketing: Google's Doodles
Anyone involved in the care and feeding of a website knows one of the best things your online site can have is “stickiness” – something that makes users want to stay there and linger for a while. Stickiness is one of the metrics online advertisers use …
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Flow Simple, the Budget-friendly Online Marketing Agency, Proves Its Mettle by
ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla., May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — For local and small businesses, including fledgling ecommerce operations, seeing a return on marketing investment can be a challenge, especially in light of slim budgets and stiff competition. Online …
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Marketers Get On Board the Offline-to-Online Data Train
Marketers are finally starting to connect their offline data dots to the web, and some of the biggest names in digital and data including Google, AOL and Acxiom, see dollar signs. All three companies made acquisitions this month in the hopes of …
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