A New Frontier in Artificial Intelligence

A New Frontier in Artificial Intelligence
Do you have an interest in cryptic crosswords and a facility with the more intricate realms of computerized artificial intelligence? If so, there's a project out there with your name on it. One of the more fascinating recent developments in the word of …
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Artificial intelligence: Job killer or your next boss?
This notion of intelligence augmentation dates back to the early days of computing, when engineer Vannevar Bush coined the term to describe an intellectual symbiosis between man and machine. In 1945, Bush wrote about a future where an associative store …
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Here's How Artificial Intelligence Could Kill Us All
Though zombies and global warming reign as the most popular existential threats of the moment, artificial intelligence is always hovering somewhere in the top 10. The idea of a clash between man and the technology he's created has been juicy fodder for …
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