A new landscape for Google Maps: The human body

A new landscape for Google Maps: The human body
The picture above looks like it could be a satellite image of Earth – an impact crater perhaps, or tectonic cracks in the landscape. But although the image comes via Google Maps, it actually shows an extreme close-up of the human body – specifically, …
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Google patents way to give robots personalities – and mimic the dead
According to the patent, Google hopes that robots could in the future be given multiple and transferable personalities that mimic traits of living people — or even potentially those of the deceased. A robot based on a deceased person is just one …
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Google is now bigger than Exxon Mobil
Google and Exxon both are search giants—the latter spent $ 1.7 billion on energy exploration last year—but the precipitous drop in oil prices these past few months shows that people aren't looking for what it's digging up like they used to. The …
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