A Personal Safety Application was Featured on NewsWatch Television

(PRWEB) April 18, 2015

ArcAngel was featured on NewsWatch as part of its monthly AppWatch, which takes a look at the latest and coolest applications on the market for iOS, Android, and Windows. Joe Troohey, the host of AppWatch and technology expert, conducted the app review and shared with viewers how this is a personal safety app.

In a turbulent world, people may find themselves in dangerous situations where they need help. Calling 911 should always be their first move, but some situations can be avoided if there was an alert before a person knows of the dangerous situation. Well, this solution was created with the cutting edge personal safety app ArcAngel.

This is the first mobile safety application that connects individuals, family, and first responders. Users can use the app to send and receive critical information that can guide them to safety, send for help or let others know that the user ok. For example, if a user is near a dangerous situation and doesnt know it, the app will alert them and show the nearest safe location. It will alert any type of danger, from violent situations like a riot or shooting to natural disasters like a hurricane.

ArcAngel will alert responders of the users location and it can even provide photos that user takes so they know physical limitations. This app has the potential to revolutionize the success rate of first responders, getting them information they otherwise would have been without. The app is just $ 5.99 to download on iOS and Android devices with Windows and Blackberry devices coming soon.

To learn more, visit http://www.arcangelapp.com/ today.

About NewsWatch

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