A Polyglot’s Daily Linguistic Workout

www.babelnomore.com Michael Erard, researching his study of polyglots, films Alexander Arguelles describing his daily language-learning regimen.

22 thoughts on “A Polyglot’s Daily Linguistic Workout

  1. As much as his achievement in linguistic ability amazes me, he seems rushed. I keep on wondering if he manages to absorb the beauty and culture of all the languages he knows, I mean, reading books as he does stuck me as incredibly odd. It’s all fragmented, lacking the patience and dedication needed to appreciate the narrative, only the grammar! I could never push myself to that level and then waste my newfound skill by bypassing the excitement of reading epics in their original language.

  2. give him time… people like this are serious knowledge junkies, I wouldnt be suprised if he got tired of mastering languages to just wake up and start studying geneolgy or something.

  3. pains me to say it, in reference to a man with remarkable dedication, but I agree with you sir. This guy is more of a linguistician than a linguist, I would have loved to have seen him interacting with people of every nationality in these languages he speaks, interacting, sharing moments. But this seems to be a very cold, clinical approach to learning something so versatile and diverse as a language. I don’t think his modus operandi is even that efficient!

  4. as a linguist I find this extremely sad! A language is a living organism revealed by human beeings, not a bureaucratic exercitium … language is life! You should shoot people out in the real world interacting with people, human beings uttering sounds to each other, just people speaking and communicating! The nature of the words poly glottis speaks for itselves. It’s all about sounds, life and interaction with people. For ages languages kept on vanishing in offices……. please think about t

  5. His audio tracks help him learn how things are pronounced and sounded, aswell as I’m sure that his book that he used to actualy learn the languages had a key to pronunciation

  6. Wow, and I thought I had it going on learning Russian while regularly reading in German and memorizing Danish and Faroese song lyrics… My habits pale in comparison to his 🙁

  7. Profesor disculpe, usted dice que estudia 12 a 16 horas al día, lo que me parece estupendo estoy haciendo eso también, pero quisiera saber cuando dice que: Entrena 12 a 16 horas es todos los días ? es decir también cuando trabaja que supongo serán unas 8 horas o su entrenamiento de 12 a 16 horas es sólo algunos días de la semana. Por favor profesor respondáme ya que estoy comenzando a entrenar 12 horas también.

  8. That’s good and all , but one question if you writing down and learn all the text references how are you supposed to know if you are sounding it out right ?

  9. Or he has a lot of motivation? Languages are addicting. It gets to the point where you can’t get enough… I can’t do more than Japanese/Chinese/Korean though… I really don’t know how people do so many of these different languages, polyglots… really blows my mind.

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