A Special Message From the President

April 1, 2013 – The White House releases a special video message from the President. Learn more at http://wh.gov.

22 thoughts on “A Special Message From the President

  1. So point me in the right direction here… One man went into a school and shot around 20 children, and the other went into a theatre and killed 11 people and injured 58 others… just to cover up a Scandal with the between the US and London?

  2. Let me get this right… We are attempting to make spending cuts, which cancelled educational white house tours and there was the threat of canceling the easter egg roll. Somehow the White House managed to find funding for this video? Amusing? Maybe. Necessary? Not at all. The government should provide, if at all, necessary things - not wasteful things.

  3. America does a lot of stupid shit but you take the time to criticize one thing that they did for fun. Not even the government, just something that represents it.

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