A Steve Jobs’ Moment That Mattered Macworld, August 1997

A Steve Jobs' Moment That Mattered Macworld, August 1997

Clips and highlights from Steve Job’s Macworld address.

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6 Responses to A Steve Jobs’ Moment That Mattered Macworld, August 1997

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  2. John Mckay says:

    You left out the part where Microsoft saves Apple by buying lots of non-voting shares!

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  4. hahaderek says:

    great video, very inspiring to know what he said then and what’s happening now.

  5. Krazeel says:

    be glad you weren’t a jew living in poland at the times of your grand father.

  6. Zach Solomon-Beloin says:

    The ending of this speech is stunning. Incredible direction and execution.

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