A Twist in Modern Job Hunting: A Contest

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) April 08, 2013

Creativity can be fueled by unemployment and competitive job market. Recently, a techy job hunter from Toronto, Canada published a resume website called huntfredd.com. Fredd is trying to make his website go viral with a very interesting twist – a financial reward.

HuntFredd.com is more than a resume website. Its a contest and a viral campaign to win up to a $ 10,000 reward if someone gets him the job. Now thats something new.

Fredd is not the first person who tried to find a job via a website and an online marketing campaign.

Matthew Epstein ran an expensive and controversial job search campaign at GooglePleaseHireMe.com. He launched his campaign with a website, an entertaining video and a clear goal of getting hired by Google. He did not get a job with Google but he got lots of attention and finally got employed.

Alec Brownstein successfully landed a job through a Google Adwords experiment.

Recently, an unemployed Frenchman, Philippe Dubost, caused an internet sensation by creating an Amazon-like webpage that invited prospective employers to bid for him. After the online CV went viral, around 100 employers had offered various job opportunities according to him.

Fredds job search campaign is a little more reserved than Matthew Epstein, Alec Brownstein and Philippe Dubost, which makes sense because he’s not looking for a job in marketing.

Huntfredd.com has an impressive intro video with an attractive and welcoming design including a sticky top menu. Fredd added a Q&A section to give more personal details to prospective employers. He invites people to follow him on Pinterest, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Will Fredd’s new job hunting strategy of combining a resume website with a financial reward lead to job interviews and ultimately job offers? We should wait and see. But at least he deserves recognition for creativity.

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