A word about Gmail Tap

A word about Gmail Tap

Learn more at http://www.gmail.com/tap.
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22 thoughts on “A word about Gmail Tap

  1. dumbest thing I’ve ever seen…L.L. sure does like to “tap it”..are we sure he’s talkin bout the keyboard and not somethin else.. “you can tap it in the bathroom”..LMBO what a joke, i really hope Google isn’t wasting money actually doin this!!

  2. yep but like tap dancing and smiling better than stealing from others, now I will admit at s growing up time a little bit but enuf is enuf snufy

  3. Actually, his full name is James Todd Smith a/k/a “Ladies Love Cool James” a/k/a LL Cool J. All of us who have been around since before he dropped his first album know this. He’s a really nice person too. And, now you know even more. You are welcome!

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