A word about Gmail Tap

A word about Gmail Tap

Learn more at http://www.gmail.com/tap.
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22 Responses to A word about Gmail Tap

  1. Cedar1975 says:

    dumbest thing I’ve ever seen…L.L. sure does like to “tap it”..are we sure he’s talkin bout the keyboard and not somethin else.. “you can tap it in the bathroom”..LMBO what a joke, i really hope Google isn’t wasting money actually doin this!!

  2. CLICKME19 says:

    Gmail tap is quite clever.

  3. crsurfvideo says:

    they can’t fool you?

  4. Clyde Day says:

    that is LL cool J and this is MORSE CODE GODDAMNIT

  5. Lammert Landman says:

    By God I hope you are joking…

  6. jmp252 says:

    I would tap that…

  7. Eric Quirinale says:

    its a joke stupid

  8. greg ed says:

    but i dont understand how it works, If it only two buttons how will it know what letter i want to write

  9. greg ed says:

    im confused, is this LL Cool J or not?

  10. James E McPherson says:

    yep but like tap dancing and smiling better than stealing from others, now I will admit at s growing up time a little bit but enuf is enuf snufy

  11. Cherylyn L. Tompkins says:

    Actually, his full name is James Todd Smith a/k/a “Ladies Love Cool James” a/k/a LL Cool J. All of us who have been around since before he dropped his first album know this. He’s a really nice person too. And, now you know even more. You are welcome!

  12. 1Warnin McK says:

    Im gonna see how Tap works 1st process see if it’s listed in playstore on cell phone keep ya’ll posted

  13. 1Warnin McK says:

    That is LL silly willie

  14. Logan800 says:

    LL FTW!

  15. bobbyb1233 says:

    Looks and sounds like LL Cool J

  16. a hype says:


  17. Forever Aerosol says:

    You can tap it in the kitchen, you can tap it in the elevator, you can even tap it with your thumb. x)~

  18. mrgmslt says:

    When you try to download it it tells you to come back next year, then April 1st. XD Oh, Google.

  19. Raminber says:

    are they twinns? hahaha funny

  20. Fernando Maccasano says:

    Excellent troll.

  21. jono44 says:

    That’s because Todd Smith is LL Cool J you muppet. It is a spoof for April fools.

  22. RatedSweetChinMusic says:

    Now watch it again,just replace “T” with “F”

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