aafad 284/365 number one with a bullet …

aafad 284/365 number one with a bullet …

Image by lamont_cranston
you know what’s cool?

the tineye reverse image search site!

you know what’s not cool?

testing it out with one of your own pictures to see what would come up.

i shoulda known.

turns out one place it is being prominently (number one! number one!) ‘used’ is at www.starwarsaddiction.com/swac/article/1720/sc/1. my creative commons asks for attribution, no commercial gain and share alike. oh well.

it’s possible the guys at swac got the image from a third party. but, there’s no easy way to contact them through their website to ask.

oh well … that’ll learn me to satisfy my curiosity! i’m not game to check any others … i guess this is what will continue to happen with my creative commons set up. not that it really matters – there’s no way of stopping someone from copying your pictures.

i’m not changing it though! 😛

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