Abhinav Girdhar Led ONS Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd acquires majority stake in SMOKEFREE

New York (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Abhinav Girdhar Led ONS Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd, which runs Profit By Search, Profit By Outsourcing & Profit By RPO has acquired majority stake in SMOKEFREE for an Undisclosed Amount.

SMOKEFREE are the perfect adjacency for us to participate in the e-commerce market. That is, e-cigarettes offer many of the benefits of other smokeless products but do so in a way that is familiar and enjoyed by current adult cigarette consumers,” explained Abhinav Girdhar. “We believe that SMOKEFREE will benefit from ONS Interactives E-commerce & SEM expertise which are needed for it, and the category, to reach its potential in a responsible manner.”

“This is a very exciting time for us and an extremely positive step forward for the electronic cigarette industry, which by nature and age has been lacking a lot of the resources necessary to truly take this product to the next level,” said Rajat Kumar, president and co-founder of SMOKEFREE, in a statement issued to Press.

About ONS Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd

ONS Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd got incorporated on 13th March 2007. It is an integrated online New Media agency with Brands Like:

Profit By Search, Indias #1 SEO Company

Profit By Outsourcing, Indias #1 Web Development Company

Profit By RPO, Indias # Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company

About SMOKEFREE, Indias #1 Electronic Cigarette Company

SMOKEFREE is a Registered Trademark of AS SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Pvt. Ltd. with Registered Office in New Delhi. SMOKEFREE are the pioneers of innovative electronic smoking products that are more commonly known as Electronic Cigarettes, or E-cigarettes. The Company was established in 2011 and has invested heavily in R&D in order to bring to the market the most innovative range of electronic smoking (electronic cigarettes) products. SMOKEFREE products are completely non-flammable and use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronics. The management of SMOKEFREE has a vision of offering smokers a real life usable alternative to traditional cigarettes and helps them

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